Sneak Peak at my Show!

Here I am just after my husband and I set up the show, my hair is a mess and I am exhausted, it was quite a bit more work than i thought it would be. Thank goodness for husbands 🙂
It is hard to see some of these because of the reflections on the glass from the windows.
It looks much more impressive in real life, but I thought it might be nice to post these for all of my friends who are too far away to come to the show.
The show will officially open on May 21st 2010 and will hang until July 30th 2010. A reception will take place June 6th 2 -4 PM. at the Art Gallery at Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews NB. The garden is unbelievable, for any of you who do not live in our area and you get a chance to come this way it is a must see! click here for directions
I am sad to say that one of my favourite little Pygmy goats Dusty is no longer with us 🙁
go to link below to see the portrait I painted of him for the show:

31 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at my Show!”

  1. Hi Krista- Great to see all of your work. Sometimes it's tough trying to "catch up" because I have lost interest in some of the paintings I am trying to "catch up" on. Keep showing us your stuff.

  2. Krista, congratulations on your show! It's very exciting to mount an exhibition and very exhausting getting exactly the way you want it to look. From the picture is it looks lovely. Sell them all! You have a lot more paintings from where they came so let those babies go!

  3. Your display is beautiful, Krista. I'm sure your sales will also be fabulous…wish I lived close enough to press my nose to the glass and see it IRL. Great job!

  4. Thank you Joan, Marci, Vicki, Christiane, Shelia, Crystal, Perugina, Jocelyn, Dors, Nureeya, Tim, Carol, Julie, Martine, Karen, Manon, Liz, Murugesan, Marie, Barb, and Joan.
    Thank you so much to the regulars who comment, the ones who follow my blog and everyone who stops in and takes the time to look, your support means a lot. 🙂

  5. I'm so sad about Dusty – he looked a real sweetheart from your painting of him.

    All the very best for your show. Your works looks amazing and I so hope you sell absolutely everything. Wouldn't that be fantastic!

  6. Looks wonderful. Congratulations and very Best Wishes. Great Display Krista.
    Oh and you look beautiful and hair is just lovely.

    Sorry to hear about Dusty.

  7. Krista, It looks wonderful.
    I followed your link to see which one was Dusty. I have to admit with my warped sense of humour I cracked up when I saw the Title "Dusty is Finished" Sorry but I have been in the garden four hours and I guess I am tired.
    Sorry Dusty rest in Peace!!!!

  8. Your show looks fantastico Krista. There certainly is a lot of work in those watercolours. They deserve to be shown and displayed in such a manner.
    Congratulations and best wishes, relax and enjoy.
    Im sorry to hear about your loved pet Dusty (((hugs)))

  9. Your show looks amazing!! And your hair does not look terrible, silly 🙂

    Beautiful paintings, I wish I could come see it. And I'm very sorry to hear about your friend Dusty.

  10. I am so sorry about Dusty. I have a soft spot for pygmy goats.

    Your show looks FANTASTIC!!!! You do need to post the International Artist article somewhere though young lady.

  11. Krista, the show looks very impressive.Congratulations and best of luck.

    I am sorry about the bad news concerning Dusty.

    Take care, and enjoy all those compliments that you will be receiving about your great artwork.

  12. The show looks wonderful. My DH always helps me hang shows and I don't know how I would do it without him. I like your consistency with the framing. I am sorry to hear about Dusty. He was such a cute fellow. Best of luck on your show. You certainly deserve it.

  13. OH Krista ! The show looks WONDERFUL. You look beautiful and satisfied after so much hard work…painting, framing, hanging. Relax now, go out to dinner & celebrate. Wish I could see it all in person. Nice job.

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