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Here I am just after my husband and I set up the show, my hair is a mess and I am exhausted, it was quite a bit more work than i thought it would be. Thank goodness for husbands 🙂
It is hard to see some of these because of the reflections on the glass from the windows.
It looks much more impressive in real life, but I thought it might be nice to post these for all of my friends who are too far away to come to the show.
The show will officially open on May 21st 2010 and will hang until July 30th 2010. A reception will take place June 6th 2 -4 PM. at the Art Gallery at Kingsbrae Garden in St. Andrews NB. The garden is unbelievable, for any of you who do not live in our area and you get a chance to come this way it is a must see! click here for directions http://www.kingsbraegarden.com/
I am sad to say that one of my favourite little Pygmy goats Dusty is no longer with us 🙁
go to link below to see the portrait I painted of him for the show: