What should I paint?


We all struggle with what to paint next at one time or another. My advice is don’t worry about trying to paint what will sell (if you are at that stage). Paint what excites you, paint the things you love. Your passion will shine through and your paintings will be better. If it is flowers, for example, start with a specific flower and paint a series of 10 paintings, then move onto another flower.

If you don’t know what subject you love yet, that’s OK no need to worry.  Start by painting your surroundings, do some still life, experiment with different subjects, and have fun, it will come. I love to paint many subjects, as that keeps me excited about my art.



There are many free places online if you are stuck for an inspiring reference photo. These sites have royalty free images that you can use and they are a great place to find inspiration.


Top 5 free places to find inspiring reference pictures


  1. Morguefile.com 
  2. Pixabay.com 
  3. pmp.com 
  4. Photos for Artists on Facebook
  5. My last one is not a site it is your own surroundings, set up a still life or get outside, be adventurous, and take some pictures that inspire you. Then get painting!


Happy Painting!



PS – The pictures in this article came from free sites : ) (pixabay.com)