Finally finished Daffodils, I got half way through and decided i would like to add some pastel (might be the sunshine! dying to get out and do some plein air). Not my usual style, but i hope you like them.

11×14 watercolor and soft pastel.

10 thoughts on “Daffodils Final Post”

  1. These do not look great on my monitor, my camera didn't seem to catch the different yellows. If i get a chance later i will try to post better pictures.


  2. Thank you Sandeep, it is hard to actually see some of the details and colors with pictures on the internet. You never know what the other monitors are calibrated for.
    Thanks for stopping in
    Take care,

  3. Yep! They are lovely daffs! I use pastel with my watercolours sometimes. White pastel is great as a masking instead of latex, and it also makes a nice job of adding highlights, in place of 'Chinese White'..
    Lovely work Krista.

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