Acrylic Clematis Painting on Paper – Mounted on gallery wood support

This is my first attempt to use acrylics like watercolor, I love the depth you can achieve. Being a glazer it is nice to have each layer to be permanent. I have done some more and will post them soon. Over all I am really like the effects I can achieve with the acrylics. 

7 thoughts on “Acrylic Clematis Painting on Paper – Mounted on gallery wood support”

  1. Thank you Carol, Christiane (no trouble adhere it at all I prime the wood first it is the same as adhere the watercolors) Anamaria hope you have a nice weekend as well.

    Thank you Balaji, Acrylic has opaques and transparent colors just like watercolor. I mix them with lots of water as I would with watercolor and the it is good for glazing.

    Thank you Vicki.

  2. Krista, the colors look so rich and deep. The painting is very beautiful…and it's so nice not to have to frame under glass. I can't wait to see more. No problem adhering the paper to the board?

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