2nd Landscape on Rice Paper – Watercolor Painting

This is the second of the three watercolor paintings I just finished. It is 16×20 and also done on rice paper. Again I am having a hard time naming these paintings. Maybe it is because I just named 30 for my show, I must be all named out. Help! lol

10 thoughts on “2nd Landscape on Rice Paper – Watercolor Painting”

  1. Your rice paper paintings are wonderful! It would be awesome to see them close up but sadly I am to far away. I have not seen this technique before. So beautiful and inviting.

  2. Hi Krista,

    I'm from the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains so your scene is very familiar to me.

    Some one a few comments up suggested "Serenity" I think that name would really fit this painting.

  3. Your paintings on rice paper always amaze me, Krista…When I look at this piece, I only see "Serenity"…a sense of calmness to this scene.

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